A One-on-One initial consultation that addresses your body type, personal style and leaves The Real You filled with confidence and new ideas on how to execute your own personal style. The “Style For You” Consultation is a two-hour personalized shopping experience. Together we will determine the best places to shop in order to meet your objectives. You will:

~ Try on clothes to determine what shapes and fabrics are the most flattering for your body type. Receive guidance in making choices that work for your style, body type, budget, lifestyle and personality.

~ Have your best assets pinpointed and highlighted. If body challenges exist, wardrobe solutions will be implemented to compliment those areas. As a result, your confidence will soar and you’ll look and feel terrific in your clothing.

~ Learn how to use color to highlight your best features. Wearing the right color and patterns can give your skin an added glow and create a slenderizing effect.

~ Receive advice on managing your wardrobe, including tips on refreshing and updating. You will save money, look stylish and feel polished.


– Two hour one-on-one personal consultation $75.00
– A deposit of $25.00 reserves your appointment.
– The balance is due at the end of the session.




We will shop for items that fit your lifestyle or a special occasion? Marci specializes in styling made simple; helping you find exactly what you need for your body type, budget, lifestyle and personality. There is no expectation or limitation on where our shopping expedition can take us from TJ Maxx to Neiman’s, from Nordstrom’s to GAP wherever your budget or comfort zone may be we can shop there. Marci’s goal is to provide you with clear, reuseable direction that allows you to shop confidently in any store, during any season, for any event. Marci will help you develop an eye for proportion and balance, along with the benefit of her innate sense of style.

Marci H’s friendly and easygoing demeanor will instantly make you feel comfortable. It’s equally important that you feel as good about what you’re wearing as it is that you leave feeling you have learned what’s the best Style For You! 


– Personal shopping is $125.00 (for up to 3 hours)
– Additional hours are $20.00 per hour.
– A deposit of $50.00 reserves your appointment.
– The balance is due at the end of the session.



In-home sessions designed to rehab and refresh both you and your entire closet.

We will determine together what to keep and what to recycle (donate or consign). After we have analyzed your wardrobe we will determine shapes and colors highlight your best features and how to maximize your wardrobe by mixing, matching, and accessorizing right from you own wardrobe. If new items are need we will help you shop smart and save money but have a complete wardrobe style of your own. We can also think ahead and add pieces for future occasions such as; social events, weddings, anniversaries and the list goes on.

We’ll work past your inhibitions to reveal the Style For You. If you:

~ Own clothes that you never wear because you are unsure how to wear/pair.

~ Lack confidence in your personal style selection

~ Find you are selecting the wrong clothing when shopping.

~ Need help getting that everyday and special occassion look pulled-together.

We can also organize your wardrobe and accessories in a way that will allow for easier
accessibility when pulling your daily look together. I will create a look book to make daily style inspiration easier.


Closet sessions are $100 -$150 (up to 3 hours)
– Additional hours are $20.00 per hour.
– A deposit of $50.00 reserves your appointment.
– The balance is due at the end of the session. 



Three hours of fun and fundamentals on the art of dressing. Up to 5 Ladies and one great Party.

This three-hour session will involve up to five women, in your home or choice of venue, trading ideas, secrets and a few laughs. Marci will assess your wardrobe and body type and offer solutions that celebrate your personal best. You’ll discuss the fine points and learn the art of dressing chic and the science of dressing for your body. Most of us can’t afford to start our wardrobe from scratch, so we need to work with our existing wardrobe and identify our best looks. Please bring a total of three outfits. Marci suggests bringing two outfits you wear often and one additional outfit you haven’t worn or you struggle with wearing.

Together we’ll go through your outfits to determine your body type, identify your current sense of style, and how to complete each look to give you a finished look with each piece. Marci will discuss the power of color and accessorizing, and how you can use it to your advantage. We will also provide tips on developing a wardrobe plan, discuss current trends, wardrobe essentials, and fashion must-haves all of which will potentially save you time and money on future shopping trips.


– Three hour Girls’ Day fee is $125.00
– Additional hours are $20.00 per hour.
– A deposit of $25.00 reserves your appointment.
– The balance is due at the end of the session.


The Gift of Confidence – Give someone you feel deserves or desires to have more self-assurance, wardrobe organization or over style confidence a gift certificate toward any service or consultation. 



We will help you create a stunning look for your special occasion or special event that will have everyone complimenting you as you encounter them . We will gladly try and create a look from what your current have in your wardrobe or suggest a specific shopping expedition, within budget, to purchase the right look for you event.


–  The Event/Special Occasion Styling fee start at $100.00
–  Additional hours are $15.00 per hour.
–  A deposit of $25.00 reserves your appointment.
–  The balance is due at the end of the session.



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